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Only Allocated

Never trust in „paper gold“

Only Allocated

Never trust in „paper gold“

What you should know about ETF:

  1. Legally, an ETF is nothing more than a bearer bond. One has to rely on the promise of a third person. Never forget Lehman.
  2. During a banking crisis or special arrangements by state you cannot approach to the depot.
  3. Precious metal of ETF´s is stored in a few places in the world only. Easy access to state possible in the case of confiscation of gold (freezing the assets, seizure).
  4. Questionable whether the total stocks are really there.
  5. ETF conditions state that the issuer does not have to deliver in times of crisis. If you really need the possession of the precious metal, you do not get it.
  6. In case of high demand very long delivery times
  7. If the stock markets close, the ETF is dead capital
  8. Only very large ingots are delivered – if.

Also there are well known companies in the market who are telling you, that they

➽ „lets you buy pure physical gold and silver at the lowest possible price“,

or that they are offering

➽ „The best way to buy gold & silver“.


If you like to convert your money-claim against them in allocated ownership of gold, they kick you out of their system and you have to pay additional extra fees and the shipment cost as well as organize the storage yourself.

You only do have what you have!