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Investment in High-Tech Metals



Technology metals and rare earths play an increasingly important role worldwide. The reasons can be found in new application technologies.

No young person without a smartphone, no pensioner without a computer, no new cars without LEDs, no living room without a flat-screen TV.
It may not be long before we spend our next vacation on the moon:

At no other time in history life has changed as fast as today. To a great extent this is due to these special metals and rare earth elements, without which all these high-tech products would not exist.

Moreover, these special metals and rare earth elements will become scarce. This is due to an unequal distribution of raw materials: Production is concentrated in few countries. China alone supplies 80 – 97% of the special metals and rare earths.

Investors should watch the general state of financial markets closely. There are quite a few experts who think that the financial crisis is not over yet. Many of them expect further turmoil in financial markets. Even after a possible „breakdown of the system“ high-tech metals will be what they have been for some time: the lubricant for the gears of the world economy.


Noble House Group offers new opportunities: interested private investors have now the possibility to invest in special metals and rare earths through. You benefit from favourable conditions, a simple order processing and a professional all-round support.

For you, the physical investment in technology metals and rare earths are a new, promising possibility to diversify your portfolio. We offer you the complete infrastructure necessary for this: starting with the competent advisory service and reaching to the storing as special assets in a customs warehouse that is one of the safest in Europe.


Fort Metlock


Your precious technology metals and rare earths (high-tech metals) are stored solely in an absolutely secured bunker in the Rhine Main area.


For high-tech metals the Bunker is

what Fort Knox is to Gold:

3 floors, 1,400 m2, walls that are two meters thick: The storage of your valuable commodities is carried out by the company Metlock GmbH in that high-security bunker. Here your physical investments are stored according to the highest security standards in a bonded warehouse in safes (security class 1) under the supervision of insurers. With the highest cover of risk coverage: The physical goods are insured against theft, fire and embezzlement.

Those who invest in physical high-tech metals, stored in the German high-security bunker, pay no issue surcharge, no flat-rate withholding tax and no VAT. There are only 2% administrative costs per year.