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We are leading in Latin America

About Noble House Metal Trading

More specifically, we are one of the best addresses in the precious metals industry in Latin America. Exactly there where money never will be printed, borrowed, or leveraged.

We have the medicine for the disease, which damages our financial system:
Gold & Silver as well as Platinum & Palladium.

Additionally we offer Rare High-Technology Metals, essential in the present and future. Our Rare Technology Metals satisfy the highest quality standards – Simply the Best!

With us, the customer acquires always real Physical Ownership.

There are no precious metal cash accounts existing, which are only covered with precious metals. There are no certificates, no co-ownership of gold bullion of a weight of 400 ounces. Our customer acquires only Exclusive Ownership of Precious Metals and / or Rare High-Technology Metals – always Clearly Allocated. He even can take it home without any extra charges. But normally everything is stored in our safe Bonded Warehouses, insured of course.

An Exit Strategy we offer too: Our customer can resell to us.

Mainly we work for institutional investors, for professionals who don´t trust in the banking system any longer and are looking for alternatives outside the banking system.

These customers demand First Quality. Precious metals of Highest Purity must come from the most respected refiners in the world (Good Delivery Refineries). Bullions produced by no-name companies are not easy to sell, even if the quality is good.

Our Rare High-Technology Metals therefore have High-End Quality – does not get better.

Whoever comes as a smaller investor will have automatically the advantage of the highest quality standards for professionals – at reasonable prices.

Not only the big institutional investors deserve protection against the impending inflation in all major currencies of the world.Everyone must have the ability to protect its painfully acquired assets.

So get Out of the Paper Money – and into Real Tangible Assets of Highest Quality.
Simply the Best – Quality is the only future.


Our President from Switzerland

Dr. Camillus Braxator

Has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the Swiss banking and financing business, which he gained when he provided consultancy services to multinational companies, reputable investors and private clients.

He is further specialised in inheritance and succession regulations, and matters relating to trusts, foundations and holding structures. Born 1950 in Switzlerland, Dr. Camillus Braxator graduated from St.Gall University in Switzerland, Commercial Law, and is Member of International Bar Association, London (IBA), and Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, London (STEP).